Griffith Park Golf Club
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The 3/6 Scramble
Partner Event
6 holes of better score, 6 holes of alternate shote, 6 holes of scramble
Wednesday, May 16 - 7am on Wilson

The Marty Tregnan Memorial Tournament
Guests permitted
Saturday, May 19th on Wilson

The Dam
Friday, May 25th at Hansen Dam - 7am start

Sold out


GPGC 36 Hole Championship
Final Results

The 2018 Fourball Championship
Duhon - Gallardo - Strong
Contact list is here.
Read the rules here.
Please complete 1st round matches by April 29th.

Recent Results

Petty/Smith def. Scott/Scott 5&4
Simko/String def. Barbani/McDermott 3&1
Leland/Uberuaga def. Smith/Bryant 1up
Ruiz/Echeverria def. Palffy/Harrison 4&3
Wabby/Santoro def. Anderson/Arbaugh 1up
Nemiroff/Geraghty def. Faieta/Roberts 5&3
Huffman/Fogarty def. Berumen/Kelley 36 holes


James Kang - 7 scores so far - from L.A.
Michael Perry - 7.9 index - from L.A.
Jim Yaeger- 28.7 index - returning GP Member
Marcus Gonzales- 4.8 index - Crystalaire CC
Ben Kaplan- 3.5 index -From Tiny Putters Golf League
David Geraghty - 6.8 index- from Silver Lake
Amir Nobakht - 2.4 - from Los Angeles
Daniel Gomes - 10.4 index  - from West Hollywood


MGA Update - Match #2
Sepulveda Seniors G.C. def. Griffith Park G.C.
48 to 24 Individual, 18 to 18 Team

Read the Update

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