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Last Updated: 03/14/19

MGA Team Play Match #1
Griffith Park G.C. vs. Woodley Lakes G.C. @ Woodley Lakes
March 14, 2019

Our first match of the 2019 season was against last year's league champs, who were hungry to defend their title.  The Grinders of Griffith Park traveled across the valley to Woodley Lakes today, knowing it would be tough to play against the defending champs on their home course.  We got off to a troubling start, when only four of us were there for our 7:30 team meeting.  Must be traffic, we figured.  They'll show up.

Steve Bloom and Dana Fadler Spilios started us off.  When the Woodley captain starting cursing at them due to slow play (we were in the second group), I let him stew.  Steve kept dropping putts and picking his ball out of the hole.  Let them play slow, I thought.  Looks like they're winning.  And win they did!  Steve brought in 11 points and Dana brought in 10.  Dana had an amazing round today shooting net 64 (gross 78).
Other highlights came from the third group with Dan Graham and Karl Kaul.  Dan continues to be an MGA force - yet again shooting under his handicap with a net 71, winning 11 points.  Karl showed showed up extra early this morning, only to find the driving range was closed because the attendant thought it was his day off.  So what does Karl do?  He grabs an empty bucket, walks out 100 yards, and picks a medium bucket of yesterday's balls - one ball at a time.  Man, the commitment this guy has!  And his reward?  Karl broke 80 for the first time in his LIFE today, shooting a blistering net 62 (gross 78) and winning 9 points.
Mike Chang was our gross leader today, shooting net 69 (gross 73).  Making the turn at one-under, he cruised in for a respectable day of work.  Mike was partnered with Josh Temple, who got his warm up round at L.A. North last week.  Despite still thinking of the spectacular L.A. North views I'm sure, Josh still managed to get around the course with a solid net 74.  Our trusted anchor group featured Frank Kornblatt and Ted Johnson.  Sure enough - these two kids grinded down their opponents and won 10 points each, with Frank stepping up and shooting his handicap.
The result of today's match was a 4-0 win vs. Woodley Lakes G.C.  GP wins individual 37 to 23, GP wins team 18 to 12.  Steve Bloom and Dan Graham both get a free round next time for winning 11 points each.

Next month we're on the road again, traveling to Encino to take on Sepulveda Seniors G.C. April 18th.  You can mark your availability on the MGA Player Sheet anytime.  Will send a reminder a week out.

Special thanks to Doug Busse, Greg Bertens and Huy Dang for doing some work behind the scenes last night, getting the squad ready.  Great team effort by the club.
Jensen Lee

MGA Captain,
Griffith Park Golf Club

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