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The pairings for Saturday's Vance Schafer Memorial are online!

Just click this link to see!

Thank you for supporting the Junior Golf program at Penmar!
(Sorry, Harrison Ford is not scheduled to drop in!)

Our 2014 Club Match Play Finals are Finished!
Julio Cano wins the Double!'14 Match Play &
'14 Presidents Cup Champion

The Team of
Larry Dean/Gary Harles 

'14 Pairs Match Champions

Play golf on Saturday and then see Kelly Xu of Penmar return to Augusta National on Sunday for the Drive, Chip & Putt finals!

Join/renew for '15!!!
Go to the Players section under your name to renew online!!
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 For club business or if you are interested in joining contact Larry Cloud at PenmarPresident@aol.com.

Bill Neuhaus
Won the other Double!  Best Putter and Best Lag Putter!

In Memoriam 2014:

J.K. Erickson
Past President of Penmar Golf Club. 
Bob Coulter
Long-time Penmar member.

Our sympathies are with their families and many friends.

Bill Neuhaus, our Tournament Director will be moving to Long Beach and leaving our club at the end of this year.  Be sure to thank him for the excellent contributions he made to Penmar GC and its members! 

To For more information on the course:
LA Golf Division (LA Rec & Parks)
Penmar Starter
for Tee Times, Info:
310 396-6228

find out how wonderful the weather is:

Upcoming Tournaments
May 2 (Sat)  9:00 AM- Saturday in May!
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Penmar by the Sea 9 hole

Deadline: April 24
Maximum Number of Players: 24
COST: $20.00
Contact: Larry Cloud

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