Eaton Canyon Golf Club
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Eaton Canyon Golf Course is located in northeast Pasadena and is nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains on the corner of New York Drive and Sierra Madre Boulevard. 
We are home to men and women who love golf and good times.
A Golf and Social Organization Since 1962 

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The Next Eaton Canyon Event

The Eaton Canyon Golf Club
Member-Guest Tournament
  December 5th, 2015

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The 2015 Club Champion
Chris Bohler
Presidents Cup Champion

Mike Elias

Congratulations to Both, Well Done!

Starting June 1st, 2015 The Club Membership is Only $50.00. Existing Club Members don't forget to renew your Club Membership if you'd like to play in The Eaton Canyon Club Championship that now being pushed back to July 11th & 12th. Also, I know that many of you like to play in the L.A. County Team Play (in the Fall) and/or the SCGA Team Play, or our Ryder Cup, or any other competitive event that requires you to have a 12 Month Handicap and Low Index. It is necessary to have a GHIN# and a valid Handicap to participate in MANY events. Having an Eaton Canyon Club Membership isn't ONLY about Eaton events. Start establising your Handicap and Low Index for future events. Don't be left out. Start recording all your rounds of golf. For more info Contact Barbara West at: (323) 978-3562
~ Now Is The Time To Renew Your Membership ~

2014 Victory Ryder Cup Victory

Celebrate with Team Captain Rick Morales & congratulating this kick-ass team in a job well done in bringing home the 2014 Ryder Cup!
Chris Bohler, Joe McCord, Maurice Mischook, Kevin Gilbert, John Fitzgibbons, Paul Jenks, Mike Elias, David Jaroslovsky, Ken Miller, Neeraj Chari, Cain Hebert, Johnny McCoy, Chris Howard, Gene Rostkowski, Michael Perez, Billy Knowles, Tony Akopyan, Panos Marfazelian, Rick Morales, Doug Heiberg, Sami Ghattas, Kurt Umland, Scott Stukel, Fraser Gunn, Bill Larr, Steve Wammack, Matt Boulton, Jon Landis, Willie Weddle, Matt Cargal, Tom Takenouchi, John Sojka, Barbara West and Matt Loera  - Congratulations Guys!!!
Eaton Canyon Celebrates
The 2013 Ryder Cup Victory!

Team Captain Rick Morales would like to thank all of the merry men of Team Eaton Canyon on a job well done!!   Thank you to all of the E.C.G.C supporters and to  Maurice Mischook, Don Croll Sr., Richard Egan, Billy Barker, Kevin Gilbert, John Fitzgibbons, Dennis Wammack, Steve Wammack, Tony Akopyan, Paul Jenks, Mike Elias, Scott Strebe, David Joroslovsky, Doug Slabaugh, Chris Howard, Cain Hebert, Panos Marfazelian, Kurt Umland, Doug Heiberg, Jon Landis, Pete Mikolyski, Matt Cargal, Fraser Gunn, John Sojka, Willie Weddle, Lonnie Holcomb, Vic Derderian, Marv Good, Sandy Stanton, Johnny McCoy, Billy Knowles, Kevin Heaton & Matt Loera.  Great Job Guys!!

The Hookie Lau was a great success . . .
If you missed it, you gotta wait til next year for the next one!

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The 2015 Club Champion
Chris Bohler
Presidents Cup Champion

Mike Elias

Congratulations to Both, Well Done!


Maurice Mischook
President's Cup Champion
Robert Shirai

Congratulations to Both, Well Done!




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Obvious Changes to The #2 Hole At Eaton Canyon . . .


Upcoming Tournaments
December 5 (Sat)  10:30 AM- ECGC Member\Guest Scramble & Party
Sign-up Online
Format: Team Scramble  at Eaton Canyon Golf Course 18 Hole
 Member Guest Tournament & "Toys For Tots" Gift Drive

This is 4-Man Scramble Format:
  1. Everyone Tees Off & Your Team Picks the best Drive/Tee Shot
  2. Hit your 2nd Shot From That Best Drive Position
  3. On Every Shot You May Move Your Ball To Within 1-Club Length
  4. Lift Clean and Place On Every Shot
  5. Select The Best 2nd Shot & Everyone Hits Their 3rd Shot From There
  6. Select The Best 3nd Shot & Everyone Hits Their 4th Shot From There
  7. Once On The Green Select The Best Shot & Everyone Putts From There
  8. You May Move Your Ball Within 1-Foot of Selected Best Ball On The Green
  9. If Your Best Ball Places You In The Trap, You Stay In The Trap
  10. If Your Best Ball Places You In the Rough, You Stay In The Rough
  11. Write Down Only One (1) Gross Score For Your Entire Team
  12. You May Use Your Purchased Mulligans At Any Time During The Round
  13. You Must Use At Least 3 Drives From Each Person In The Group
  14. Men Play From The Blue Tees
  15. Ladies Play From the Red Tees
The Name Of The Game Is . . . "HAVE FUN!!!!!"

Deadline: December 4
Maximum Number of Players: 72
COST: $70.00
Contact: Rick Morales
Click here for Tournament Player List

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