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Last Updated: 08/18/16

Penmar Golf Club

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Welcome to the Penmar Golf Club.


Thanks for joining our club.  We've included some information about our activities and other matters of interest to a new member below.

If you have any other questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello feel free to contact any of our officers. 



During the week, we usually play tournaments on two Thursdays of each month.  The 1st Thursday is an away event at an 18 hole Golf Course.  The 3rd Thursday is played at Penmar usually as a 9 hole event.  Starting time is usually 9 AM except in the summer when we go to 8:30 AM .  Occasionally there is a special event that occurs on a different date and time, i.e. Jack and Jill, Member Outing, etc.  These dates will be provided once known.

We also hold Match Play Championships during the year.  These are self-scheduled events.  You are paired with another player or team and given two or three weeks to complete your match.  You and your opponent scheduled and play the match as you wish and report the score to the Tournament Director.

This provides all  members an opportunity to play in club sponsored events. 


Sign up for Tournaments:


The club’s computer is located in the coffee shop at Penmar, you may signup at this location or use your internet computer to access . Feel free to look around and signup for any tournament(s) you might be interested in.




At this time, usually the green fee for a 9 hole weekday tournament is $18.00 and away 18 hole events are $35.00. Carts are not included with these prices.  Occasionally, we may play at a course that requires a cart to be used; in that event, the cost will be adjusted upward to cover the cost.


Payment is rendered at the time of signup.  Options are:


1.  Pay with credit card on line. ($2.00 admin fee applies),

2. If in the Coffee shop, drop your payment and information into the drop slot on the top of the left cabinet. We have envelopes there for you.

3.  Make arrangement with the Treasurer to pay before tournament play.


Who can play in the Tournaments?


Members in good standings and their guests:  Guest players will not be eligible for event awards or standings. However, guest may enter non-handicap side pots.

What is a GHIN Number?


When new players join a club, a GHIN Handicap Index Number is assigned and they enter the world of golf as an unknown handicap. This index number is used with a mathematical formula to produce what most phrase as “What is your Handicap?” or your playing skill level.  This formula is taken from the best 10 games out of the last 20 you played.  New players will be issued a starting index after 5 - 18 hole rounds or 10 – 9 hole “combined” rounds are recorded. Until an index can be established for a new member they will not be eligible to win in the “Flight” sections of our events.  Once an index is established, then the player will be assigned to a flight according to his playing ability. We currently have A, B & C Flights.  The best golfers play in A Flight.


Recording/Posting of your scores:


If you are new and do not have an index for reference, you will need to post the score you shot (not to exceed 9 strokes for any hole) for that round into the Handicap computer located at the golf course.  If the course computer is not available or you are not at Penmar, you can enter your score at, or load the GHIN MOBILE app for your smartphone.  (Links to scoring sites are on the main page here.)


For those that have an index there is this thing called “Adjusted Score” or "ESC"


What is an Adjusted Score?


It is a correction to keep the handicap index balanced.   We have all experienced that hole where the golf ball has a mind of its own and no matter how may times we try, the ball will not get into the cup within reasonable strokes.  It would be unfair and unbalanced to post a score that would seem out of character to a golfer’s usual game.


So the USGA have what is called “Equitable Stroke Control”, which is applied to any "holes of horror."  How does this work?  Well, you use your index to determine what your handicap is for that golf course, (Usually there is a chart on the wall somewhere around the Handicap posting Computer.)  Check your current index against the tee you played on the chart and determine your handicap.  Use the below chart to determine what your maximum Equitable Stroke number should be for any hole, adjust your score card accordingly and post the “Adjusted Score” for that round.  (This is only the adjusted score entered into the Handicap Computer.  Sorry, you have to count ALL your strokes for the tournament score!)



               Course Handicap                                                          Maximum Number on any Hole

9 or less

Double Bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or more




A little Insight:  Handicaps are designed to indicate what a golfer could play on a good day not an average day.

Tee Time Reservation Cards issued by the City of Los Angeles - Department of Recreations and Parks.

Some new members are wondering how to acquire a Tee Time Card to use at  the City Golf Courses.  
As a service to our members, information for this card is can be viewed online at: 

While an application can be downloaded from:



Equitable Stoke Control 18 Hole Handicap