Monthly Medal Play Tournaments
Last Updated: 12/13/07


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All Penmar Club members are invited and encouraged to participate in monthly medal play tournaments.  They are usually 3 per month, 1 on the 2nd Saturday and 2 on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month, one being designated as an away Tournament.  The tournaments are grouped into flights using the player’s handicaps.  The goal is to have members play against members of like ability.  Additional copies of annual tournament schedules can be obtained on the club’s website or at the Computer Center in the coffee shop.  Information about the next tournament will also appear on the bulletin board between the restrooms, beside the handicap computer or on the web site:



Eligibility:  All club members with a current Publinks handicap are eligible for tournament play.  New members without an established handicap are invited to play in our tournaments but are only allowed to compete in the Gross (Non-Handicap) events. By entering 10 nine hole Penmar scores or 5 eighteen hole scores into the Publinks computer handicap system, eligibility for Penmar tournaments can be quickly established. Penmar Golf Club follows the USGA rules for allowable handicap strokes. When we play tournaments, the maximum allowable handicap is adjusted to the course index and slope rating of the course in question. If you are not able to enter scores at the course you played, then it is permissible to enter them through the internet at: or



Sign Up:  Anytime, once the tournament appears on the club’s web site . Manual sign up sheets will be available at the previous month’s tournament.  After that, the sign up sheet will be posted by the computer in the coffee shop and left there, eight (8) days before the tournament date; we must register our confirmed players (plus 4 extras) for the following tournament.  Sign ups will be left open until the remainder of the tee times are taken or date of play commences.  You can also email the tournament chairman to enter tournaments on or before the closing date.



Fee Payment:  Weekday Tournament fees should be paid as you sign up for future tournaments. Three methods are accepted: 1. Credit card (internet only) 2. Check or Cash 3. Pre-payment or Credit on account. Only those players who have signed up and covered their fees are guaranteed tournament entry.  Anyone wanting to pay late should contact the Treasurer or Tournament Chairman and arrange for standby status. 


Current tournament fees are $35 for 18 holes and $18 for 9 holes. Tournament fees may be paid by cash or check.  In addition to paying at the previous tournament, a member can pick up a tournament envelope in the coffee shop. Fill it out; enclose the fee and drop it into the lock box located next to the computer before the payment deadline.  You may also prepay ahead and use your winning credits to pay for upcoming tournaments.


Weekend Tournament fees will be paid in advance before receiving an available Tee Time.  No exceptions. Current fee is $17.00 for club member paying 8 days in advance, $20 for Guest or late sign ups.


Rollovers:  If a paid player learns that he is unable to play, he should call or email the tournament chairman and request that his sign up and tournament fee be rolled over to the next regularly scheduled tournament.  However, rollovers are not automatically done;


The member must contact the tournament chairman preferably as soon as possible but certainly no later than 48 hours prior to the tournament.  Failure to notify will most likely result in the forfeiture of the member’s tournament fees because the club had to use them to pay his green’s fees and share of the prizes.



Carts:  Hand pull carts may be used for Penmar tournaments.  Golf carts can be used in most of our away tournaments. However, electric golf cart arrangements are not scheduled by the tournament chairman and are the responsibility of each individual player.



Check-in Time:  Tournament check-in time is very important.  The club must pay the starter for all players at least 15 minutes before the tournament begins.  The tournament chairman and his committee must finalize the playing groups and prepare the tournament Score sheet.  So, please report to all Tournaments no later than 8:30 a.m. 



Winnings:  Winnings are distributed semi annually if desired for merchandise certificate.



Annual Match Play Championship:  Pairs, championship, and club championship president’s cup.  To be eligible to participate in PGC match play tournaments, a member must have participated in six (6) PGC medal play tournaments within 12 months prior to participation in a match play tournament.  The reason for this is that there must be on record a current tournament handicap for the member. The only exception is by approval of the tournament chairman for “unusual” circumstances.



Posting of Scores: Tournament scores will be posted by the handicap chairman or one of the committee members.  However: it is the responsibility of each member to post “All” of their scores of completed play excluding tournaments organized with the Penmar Golf Club.  If the computer at the coffee shop is not available, you can post scores through the web at either: or Please post all your scores, there is always someone watching.


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