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R Gavan, checking in

T Segotta, ready for action

Signing in....

The calm before the start

Social Time

Social Time

R. Casillas, relaxing in the shade

The Galvin Brothers

Awaiting tee time

Neuhaus and his hot rod

A moment in Time

I've got an Eagle working

Just Crusing around

Just Crusing around 2

Where did that ball go?

Tee Time

I can do this...just watch..

That ball is here somewhere...

Ball finder to the rescue...

Just Putting out

Who's putting?

I'm Putting

That's over with...

A man of action....

J Harman and his cool hat.

Town cars are great...

Town car 2

I hit it that away.....

Okay...who took my hat...

I can do this......

I'm doing it...

Outback food hut...

M Gordon getting ready

G. Fox..taking it easy

Whose is the man in the hat?

I've got my resting you?

It's over..just another day at the office.