Temecula Creek Men's Golf Club
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Welcome to the Temecula Creek Men's Golf Club located in Temecula, California. Our club is associated with the Temecula Creek Inn Golf Course managed and operated by JC Golf. Temecula Creek Inn features 27 holes of Championship Golf surrounded by over 300 acres of rustic beauty, dramatic elevation changes, sweeping mountain views and year-round sunny weather.  Wednesdays and Sundays are the normal Men’s Club weekly play days and, to help promote membership interest, a number of different play formats are offered (see Weekly Events).  Closest to the pin prizes are also given for each of the par three holes. Membership in JC Golf results in lower green fees - $39 Wednesdays and $44 on Sundays.  Non JC members pay $52 and $59.  Temecula Creek resort membership is also available and is an excellent option for those individuals playing several times per month.  Weekly shotgun tee times vary with the time of the year.  Participating members should arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour before tee times, check-in at the snack shop to confirm pairings and receive a starting hole assignment. Sign-up sheets are posted in the snack shop one week in advance for members to select team mates.  It should be noted, the format for Sunday play is always Individual Low Net, and the tee times are either 12:00 noon or 1:00 p.m. depending on the season.  

The Men’s Club sponsors no-cost quarterly luncheons and an annual event late September/early October.  The September/October luncheon banquet is the event during which all major tournament awards, won by members throughout the year, are presented.  Since Temecula Creek Men’s Club has between 150 to 200 members, the competition for these awards is extremely challenging.
Membership in the Temecula Creek Men’s Club includes an SCGA handicap (GHIN) number; a GHIN will be assigned to any new member who does not already have one.  Membership is divided into two categories, full club membership at $75 or a special membership at $50.  The special membership is specifically designed for those who do not want to participate in Temecula Creek Men’s Club weekly events/functions but simply wants to receive their SCGA handicap (GHIN) number.  The SCGA handles all membership. 

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