Standing Rules
Last Updated: 04/12/19



1.  Standing Rules can be changed by a majority vote at any General meeting of TVWGC, without prior notice.  Although these Rules remain in effect until rescinded or amended they may be suspended temporarily by Executive Board vote.

2.  All members will cooperate and comply with the rules and regulations established by the Golf Club at Rancho California (GCRC).  Dress code while playing golf is established by the course and must be adhered to by all TVWGC members.

3.  The Tournament Chair will schedule a weekly game each Tuesday.  All attending, active members with an established handicap are invited to participate in the weekly games.

4.  Shotgun starts will be the usual weekly format starting at approximately 8:00 a.m.  Check-in will start at 7:00 a.m. and be completed no later than 7:30 a.m.*  Whenever shotgun starts are inconvenient for the golf course, or special scheduling of tournaments is required, tee times may be used.
*Even if you think there will be a delay (ex. frost) you must check in by 7:30.
Note:  Rain Notification Policy for TVWGC Weekly Tournament Play:
In the event of rain or forecasted inclement weather for Tuesday play, the Desk Duty person will confer with the Weekly Tournament Chair or President to CANCEL play by 4:00 PM Monday before play date and notify the pro shop.  No later than 6:00 PM Monday, the Desk Duty person will send a blast email to the membership CANCELLING PLAY for Tuesday play day.

5.  General meetings will be held after golf.  In the event of rain, Board/General meeting times on Rain Cancellation Play Days:  JAN - FEB will be 8:30 AM; MAR - DEC will be 8:00 AM.

6.  Members are requested to sign up or cancel by 6 p.m. Sunday prior to play day so monthly coordinators will have sufficient time to set up foursomes for the weekly game.  Any subsequent changes will be made with the monthly Tournament Coordinator.  On the day of play only, members must call the Pro Shop to cancel.

7.  At least three scorecards (game, handicap and ringer) must be kept in each foursome and each player in the foursome must sign all three cards.  Additional scorecards may be required for special competitions.  Foursomes submitting unsigned, incomplete* or undated cards will be disqualified from the game/tournament.  The handicap card will be the official score card in those situations where all cards do not reflect identical scores.  (NOTE:  The sole exception is during Major Tournaments.  In Major Tournaments ONLY, the Tournament card will be the Final and Official Scorecard).

*Completed scorecards as defined by TVWGC:
Correct handicaps for all players
Correct hole by hole scores
Total for front, back and overall score
Net score
Adjusted score (if applicable)

8.  Each member is responsible for posting her score within 48 hours after play.  If a member fails to post her score, the Handicap Chair will notify the member after two events.  Upon the next failure to post, the Handicap Chair shall follow Section 8b, USGA Handicap System Manual regarding "Penalty Score for a Failure to Post."
9. All golf rounds, where at least 13 holes have been played whether at home or away, must be posted for handicap purposes.  The Handicap Chair may adjust the handicap of any member who fails to poster her score.

NOTE:  Posting for players who play only 12 holes and tee off on 13th hole (and then pick up) must use the adjusted stroke control on the remainder of the holes not played.

10.  TVWGC will conduct a minimum of two Major Tournaments each year:  (1) The Club Championship and (2) the Summer Classic.  To be eligible to play in Major Tournaments, a member must have an established handicap and must have played in at least six (06) weekly games, which may include team play, during the prior six (06) month period.  Eligibility exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board will decide the dates for these tournaments when the calendar is approved for the coming year.

11. Cell phone use is discouraged during play.  If a cell phone is required to be on during play for emergencies or family matters, the ringer must be set to vibrate..

12. All active TVWGC members are eligible to participate in the Hole-in-One game.  Any active member that gets a hole-in-one, while participating in play on a TVWGC play day at TVWGC home course will receive $100 paid from the TVWGC Hole-in-One Fund.

13. Members, with an established handicap, may participate in the Chip-in/Sandys, Ringer and Birdie competitions.  Competitions are run on a three month (quarterly cycle).  The entry fee is $5.00/quarter or $20/year for either competition.

14. To be eligible for Most Improved Golfer of the Year, the following criteria must be met:
  • Be a member TVWGC from January 1 through December
  • Have played at least twenty (20) rounds with TVWGC during the year.  Team play rounds will be counted as rounds played. 

Revised:  4/9/2019