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Last Updated: 08/28/18

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2018 Lakewood Summer Shootouts are complete!

Results from the 2018 Shootout Finals of 8/22/2018


Michael Keane

2nd Place

Kenny Smith

3rd Place

Scott Griffin

11 Players from the qualifying field participated.
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2018 Shootout Celebration

2018 Shootout Champion is Michael Patrick Keane!

The finals for the 2018 Summer Shootout was held on Wednesday, August 22 when eleven qualifiers teed it up to compete to be the 2018 Summer Shootout Champion.  After five holes, six valiant warriors were eliminated leaving five in the hunt.  Chuck “Fort Sumter” Beauregard was eliminated on hole six with an errant bunker shot.  Mike “Maddog” Derleth battled with dignity but was eliminated on hole seven in the chip off.  Scott “Don’t call me Blake” Griffin fell away on hole eight by only a few inches on the putt off as darkness loomed.

The final hole featured Kenny “The Carver” Smith battling against Michael “Captain Crunch” Keane under the light of a full moon as the sun had now completely disappeared.  The Carver battled valiantly but hit his third shot into the drink. He was able to play a terrific fifth shot through the trees and onto the fringe of the green.  Captain Crunch was in the front bunker in three.  The Carver’s ship was sunk with a barrage of Crunchberry cannon balls as the Captain took home the Championship and the booty with a blast from the sand and two quick putts!

 Final Results:

 Champion – Michael “Captain Crunch” Keane

2nd -  Kenny “The Carver” Smith

3rd – Scott “Don’t call me Blake” Griffin

Captain Crunch, The Carver and the Tournament Director enjoyed a beverage on the nineteenth hole from the Pirate’s booty!

Thanks to all who participated!  Special thanks to Ray “One Eye” Bowling for his assistance in the Finals.


Mark “Petty Cash” Fronke

Vice President – 2018 Summer Shootout Tournament Director

Results from the first shootout of the season on 5/23/18

1st Qualifier

1. Mike McMonegal

2nd Qualifier

2. Rick Ecklund

3rd Qualifier

3. Craig Tagler

1st Alternate

4. Mike Derleth

Results from the second shootout of the season on 6/13/18

1st Qualifier

1. Jack DeVeny

2nd Qualifier

2. Eliot Harkness

3rd Qualifier

3. Matt Ginocchio

2nd Alternate

4. Matt Beard

Results from the third shootout of the season on 7/18/18

1st Qualifier

1. Michael Keane

2nd Qualifier

2. Scott Griffin

3rd Qualifier

3. Mark Garber

3rd Alternate

4. Chuck Beauregard

Results from the fourth shootout of the season on 8/15/18

1st Qualifier

1. Chuck Beauregard

(previously qualified)

2. Rick Ecklund

2nd Qualifier

3. Kenny Smith

(previously qualified)

4. Michael Keane

3rd Qualifier

5. Myron Bowen

3rd Alternate

6. Ken Baker

Here is the final list of qualifiers for 2018:  Mike McMonegal, Rick Ecklund, Craig Tagler, Jack DeVeny, Eliot Harkness, Matt Ginocchio, Michael Keane, Scott Griffin, Mark Garber, Chuck Beauregard, Kenny Smith, and Myron Bowen 

Alternates (In this order):  Mike Derleth, Matt Beard, Ken Baker

What is a Shoot-out???

Bring $5 and find out at 5:00 pm on the 1st tee…we normally have anywhere between 10 to 30 guys show up…the players are split into two groups, equally divided by handicaps, with 0.0 – 9.9 playing from the ROCKS, 10.0 – 15.9 playing from the BLUES and 16.0 playing from the WHITES…

We play #1 and #2 and eliminate players each hole…low GROSS score on each hole moves on, unless there are more players for the available spots…if so, then the shoot-out happens…

#1 = chip shoot-out

#2 = putt shoot-out

#1 second time playing = sand shoot-out

#2 second time playing = chip shoot-out


50% of fees collected = 1st place and qualify for FINAL

30% of fees collected = 2nd place and qualify for FINAL

20% of fees collected = 3rd place and qualify for FINAL

4th place = 1st alternate for FINAL

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