Day of Play Procedures
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RESIDENT ID CARDS: The city requires San Diego city residents to show a course issued city resident card to the starter each day when you check in to pay. If you do not present the card, you will pay non-resident fees.  No exceptions. County members who are in the club will pay non-resident rates at all times. For further information please click here.

The course requires us to CHECK IN 30 minutes prior to our tee time. Our club room is at the open door just north/left of the cart barn.

EACH DAY you must . . . .
1. Sign in by checking off your name on the tee sheet

2. PRINT your name - last name first, with 1st initial - under the appropriate handicap column on the SWEEPS sheet.  Current handicap sheets are available each week for reference. If you are not signed in, your score, or your qualifying score, is not part of the competition that day.  If you don’t have a handicap yet, you are “Qualifying” for 5 rounds and sign in under the “Q” column.     
3. Names on scorecards should be PRINTED in alphabetical order, last name first, with 1st initial and handicaps.  
Please follow the Sweeps Sample Card on the table each week.

4. At the end of the round, each person must a) sign and tally the scorecard, b) record the scores on the sweeps sheet, and c) turn in one handicap and one sweeps card for your group. 

5. Please write “Handicap” or “Sweeps” on the appropriate card. If you don’t have a GHIN, write “Q” on the card. 

6. Post your score (within 48 hours) at or with the GHIN app.  You may participate in competitions (sweeps & tournaments) the first month your name appears on the monthly Handicap Sheet.  Scores not posted within 48 hours are ineligible for Sweeps prizes.

Note:  When you play a round with our club, you may DQ yourself from sweeps, however you must ALWAYS submit a Handicap Card and post your ESC score.  

 Failure to Post Scores 

Members are required to post scores within 48 hours of the conclusion of the round played. In the event a round is not posted within 48 hours, the following guidelines will be followed:
1.  First offense. The member will be given a friendly reminder email requesting the score be posted. If the score is not posted a penalty score will be posted.
2.  Second offense.  A penalty score will be posted along with a $10 fine. 
3.  Third offense within the calendar year. Three-month suspension from Sweeps or Tournament play.
4. Fourth offense. The Handicap Committee may withdraw the member's handicap.

SILVER TEES for both North and South course. 

Green fees are paid for at the starters window. Carts are paid for in the Pro Shop.  Discounted Cart Passes are available in the Shop.  

Range Balls available at discount for TPWGC members. The cost for balls from the machine at the Torrey Pines driving range has increased to $8 for a small bucket. TPWGC can buy a small bucket of balls for the discounted price of $4. To get that price, you will need to go to the Pro Shop and pay for a one time code for the ball machine before going to the range. 

Pace of Play is important. Please play at a pace keeping up with the group in front of you, NOT just ahead of the group behind you.  On the greens, the 1st two people holing out can go ahead to the next tee and tee off while the others are finishing up the hole. All rules must be observed and all strokes counted - no gimmes, no foot wedges, all penalties taken and counted.  If unsure what to do, please ask someone.

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