Frequently Asked Questions
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Here you will find answers and links to help ease your navigation of this new experience.  We will update along the way as needs arise, so please check here first when you have questions.  Thank you!!


Question : How do I sign up for tee times?
All tee time requests are now done on line through the website.  Simply click here for step by step instructions. 

Question : How do I cancel or modify a tee time?
To cancel or modify a tee time you must email the sweeps or tournament director. This cannot be done online. 

Question : How do I 
find out the right person to contact for sweeps or tournament? Click here to find the correct email address

Question : Where can I view the tee time page?  
On the top toolbar click on the word Tournament.  Scroll down until you find the date you are interested in.  Click on Click here for Tee Times. The tee time page will only show up 48 hours AFTER tee times reservations begin.  If you do not see Click here for Tee Times, then the sheet is not yet posted.  Please check again later.

Player Profiles are not public and are password protected.  Your 7 digit GHIN number is your default password. If your number has only 6 digits, add a 0 in front.

Question : What info is in my Player Profile? 
All players have their own individual player page.  You control your own information (i.e., phone, email, home address, etc.) and whether or not it is seen or not seen by other members.  By default, the only information from your own profile that is viewable by other members is your phone number and e-mail address.  If you are satisfied with this, you do not need to change anything on your profile (unless you have new information.)

Question: How do I change the info in my Players Profile?
Click on Players at center of top toolbar.   Select your name from the drop down players list, enter your 7 digit GHIN number and click on Submit.  Select your name again. Select edit profile. Your profile page will open up, read it, change what you like. Check or uncheck the right side boxes to control what information you wish to show on your profile page. Then go the bottom and click on Submit Players Change to confirm it.

: How do I change my password? 
You are not required to change your password if you would like to simply use your GHIN number. If you do want to change it, simply log into your player profile using the instructions in the previous question. Go in and change it to whatever you like, but please keep it in a place you can easily find.  Then we won't have to ask our volunteer webmaster to be retrieving passwords for over 400 people!!!!

Question How do I find another member’s contact information? 
Members information is to be used for club related purposes only and not for any personal, professional or political uses.
1) From the home page, click on PLAYERS at top.
2) Enter your name and GHIN, click submit.
3) Select the name of the person whose information you’re looking for.
4) Under their name you will see their contact info.  

Question How do I see the complete Sweeps Winning list from my iphone or  ipad? 
1) Keep your finger on the sweeps copy in the side bar and a pop menu should appear
2) a few options will appear, pick "open in a new tab" and scroll down to view list.


Still having problems? E-mail us at Help! 

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