City Resident ID Cards
Last Updated: 01/17/19

The city requires San Diego city residents to show a course issued city resident card to the starter each day when you check in to pay. If you do not present the card, you will pay non-resident fees.  No exceptions. County members who are in the club will pay non-resident rates at all times.  

You cannot get this card from the starter.
  It must be obtained in person at the course admin offices of Torrey, Balboa or Mission Bay Golf Courses, Mon-Fri -8:00 a.m to 4:30.  Please stop by and pick up your card on ANY day BUT BEFORE, NOT ON your day of play.  

You must go to the course office with proof of residency and $25.  Here are the only things you may use for proof of residency:
  • Permanent California driver's license (PO box is NOT an acceptable address);
  • California automobile registration (City address only, PO box is NOT an acceptable address);
  • Property tax bill (Must show a City address. Must be current and in your name.) (Trusts require documentation showing who created the trust, and the documentation must be notarized.);
  • *Business addresses in the City of San Diego do not qualify proprietors for Resident I.D. cards