Club By-Laws
Last Updated: 11/13/18


The name of the Club shall be the Torrey Pines Women’s Golf Club (“TPWGC”). This Club shall be a non-profit organization.


1.    To promote the interest of golf, supervise and conduct competitive golf events for amateur golfers.

2.    To establish and maintain proper handicaps according to USGA handicapping system and to cooperate and comply with USGA Rules and Regulations

3.    To hold weekly events and special tournaments throughout the year, when possible.

4.    Play by USGA rules modified by Local Rules.

5.    To promote and hold such social and recreational activities as the membership may desire, whenever possible.


1.    In accordance with the USGA definition of amateur status, residing within the San Diego County limits, any amateur golfer age 18 or over, of good character, who can meet the membership qualifications as decided by the Board of Directors shall be eligible for membership. 

2.    Members shall agree to abide by and support the By-Laws and general policies of the club, observe course etiquette and proper conduct and play by USGA Rules.  Members must be in good standing, and show good moral conduct and not be subject to any disciplinary process or sanction of the Club, other clubs, and affiliated Associations. Abuse by any member may result in disciplinary action, subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors.  I understand that acceptance of membership is at the sole discretion of Torrey Pines Women's Golf Club Board of Directors.


1.    Membership fees for home club members include dues, sweeps, tournaments, handicap services and new member assessment. Club fees will not be prorated.  Any change in fees must be passed on by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

2.    Membership fees are payable in advance for the fiscal year. Due date for all membership fees shall be determined by the Board and posted on the website. Members shall have fifteen (15) days from the due date in which to pay fees before being considered in arrears and dropped from the membership rolls. 

3.  All renewals and new members must apply and pay fees online through the website only.

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