Local Club, Course and USGA Rules
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At TPWGC, USGA Rules of Golf shall govern play modified by Local Rules approved by the board and listed below. Every member should have a good knowledge of these rules so that all competitors are playing the same game, fairly and equitably.   See http://www.usga.org/rules-hub.html 

If there are any questions that arise during any round of golf or any violation of a Rule of Golf, DO NOT SIGN AND/OR ATTEST YOUR SCORE CARD, but bring it to the attention of the Tournament or Sweeps Director immediately after play.

All members must adhere to the Cart Rules when riding. Keep carts a minimum of 30 feet from the greens and tees and carts must be kept outside the ropes at all times when the ropes are up. Players will be notified if there are deviations to these rules.  Tuesday Playday cart information will be indicated on the Web Tee Time Schedule. 

Abnormal Conditions - If the use of Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) is warranted, players will be notified prior to play and should play as follows: 

Preferred Lies: A ball lying through the green (this does not include the rough) may, without penalty, be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club-length of where it originally lay but not nearer the hole and not in a hazard or on a putting green. Before lifting, the position of the ball must be marked. 

No caddies, instructors or galleries are permitted on Ladies Playdays or tournaments.

A non-player shall NOT be permitted to accompany a member on any Tuesday Playdays, no matter the course.  

Cell phone use is restricted to emergency calls only. Smartphones used as a  distance measuring device must conform to the parameters defined in the local rules. 


YELLOW PENALTY AREA: The water in front of the #18 Green on the South Course is a Yellow Penalty Area. For a ball in this penalty area, play the ball as it lies, or take penalty relief under 17.1.d(1) or (2) Click here to see diagram 

RED PENALTY AREA: All Canyon areas on both the North and South Course are to be treated as Red Penalty Areas. The edge of the Penalty Area is where the canyon meets the grass or where it is indicated by a red line or stake. The ball may be played as it lies, or penalty relief may be taken under Rule 17.d(1), (2) or (3).  Click her for Relief Diagram

NATURAL AREAS (not flower beds) on the North Course: If a plant or irrigation device located in a natural area interferes with the lie of your ball or your swing, you MUST take free relief under Rule 16.1 (Abnormal Course Condition). Drop within one club length of your nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole. 

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: The gravel area east of the cart path on South Course Hole #10 is to be considered an Abnormal Course Condition. Free relief is available under Rule 16.1. Drop within one club-length of your nearest point of complete relief, no closer to the hole. 

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS CLOSE TO PUTTING GREENS: If a fixed sprinkler head is on your line of play, AND your ball is within two club lengths of the putting green and within two club lengths of the sprinkler head, relief is available under Rule 16.1. Drop within one club length of the nearest point of complete relief, no closer to the hole. 

PREFERRED LIES (Winter Rules):  Players will be notified prior to starting play if Preferred Lies are in effect. When a player’s ball lies in the General Area cut to fairway height or less (fairways and fringe of green only) player may take free relief once by placing the ball or another ball in the General Area within one club length of where the ball lies, no closer to the hole. 

When a player’s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows instead of proceeding under stroke and distance: For a penalty of 2 strokes, a player make take relief by dropping the original ball or another ball within 2 club lengths in this relief area, using one of the following estimated reference points. 

1. Ball reference point - the point where the original ball is estimated to have come to rest on the course or to have last crossed the edge of the course boundary to go out of bounds

2. Fairway reference point - the point of the fairway of the hole that is being played that is nearest to the reference point, but is not nearer the hole than the ball reference point. 

Once the player has put a ball into play using this local rule, the original ball may not be played if found, even within the 3 minute search time. The player may not use this option for relief if the ball has come to rest in a penalty area or the player has already put a provisional ball into play under stroke and distance. It may, however, be used for a provisional ball that is lost. Click here for diagram

Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course PACE OF PLAY Guidelines (5/17/18)
1. Keep up with the group in front of you. Your position is directly behind the group that teed off in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you.  

2. Continuous putting is a must! Mark your ball, lift and clean it when you arrive at the putting green. Do not mark your ball twice -- finish putting when it’s your turn.  

3. Minimize your time on the tee. Save the conversation for between shots, and play ready golf. 

4. Be ready to play when it’s your turn. Pay close attention to when it’s your turn to hit and take no longer than 20 seconds from the beginning of your pre-shot routine to when striking the ball. Take no more than one practice swing. Leave your clubs and/or golf cart as close to the next tee as possible.

You may be asked to skip a hole if you are out of position.

Be considerate of your fellow players and play without delay. A 4-hour round is an enjoyable one!