Meeting Minutes
Last Updated: 11/28/19

  Torrey Pines Women’s Golf Club
 General Meeting
November 12, 2019  

In the absence of President Patty Russell, Vice-President Patty Crigler opened the General Meeting at 12:35 pm. 

The proposed Board of Directors for 2020 were presented for a vote: 

               President:  Jan Kelleher

               Vice President/Tournament Director:  Patty Crigler
               Secretary:  Fran McClure
               Treasurer:  Kitty Masters
               Sweeps Director:  Linda Holmgren
               Sweeps Results:  Ellen Kohls
               Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Schleifer
               Handicap Director:  Michi Nakamura
               Rules Director: Susan Boeshart
               Membership Director:  Mary Middleton
               Social Director:  Judy Dennis
               Parliamentarian:  Patty Russell 
In addition to the Board of Directors, the following are Presidential appointments:
Webmaster:  Brenda Hetherington 
SCGA Representative:  MC Eastman 
TPWGC Secretary  
Fran McClure 

 The slate of Directors for 2020 was approved by the members in attendance.

Director Reports:Tournament Co-Chair Patty Crigler announced that entries to the Holiday Team Scramble Tournament and Luncheon must be made by November 26.  All entrants must pay for the luncheon following the tournament even if they are unable to attend.  More information on the event is on the website. 

Patty also reported that the Sweeps and Tournament schedules for 2020 are now posted on the website. 

Handicap Director:  Michi Nakamura reported three major changes that will go into effect in 2020:  1)  players must now post their scores on the same day they play a round that can be posted; 2) if a player finishes a round after 14 holes, that score must be posted (holes 15-18 are scored based on the player’s handicap on each hole).  If only 13 holes are completed, the score is recorded as a 9-hole score; 3) for adjusting a score on a hole, all players, regardless of handicaps, will adjust that score to a net double bogey.  As the new year approaches, more information and examples will be given on how to adjust scores on handicap cards. 

Rules Director:  Susan Boeshart reported that the Club will adopt the following temporary Local Rule: if a player hits a ball into the rough and does not find it within one minute, that player may place, without penalty, another ball in the area of the rough where the original ball was lost.  This Local Rule will be in effect until after the Farmer’s tournament in January.  Players will be notified when the Rule is no longer in effect. 

Social Director:  Jan Kelleher reported that members playing in the Holiday Tournament are to park in the Torrey Pines Lodge parking structure.  Parking is free. There will be a shuttle taking players and their clubs to the course.  Players can leave their cars in the Lodge and walk to the Hilton for the Luncheon.  All players are requested to send their $50 checks for the Luncheon to Masako Schleifer, Sweeps Accountant, by November 26.  Masako’s address and more information on the Tournament and Luncheon are on the website. 

SCGA Representative:  MC Eastman encourages members to take advantage of our membership in SCGA which is paid as a portion of our annual dues.  Not only does SCGA provide our indexes but has tournaments for players of all skill levels and opportunities to play courses throughout Southern California.

New Business:President-elect Jan Kelleher reported that a Pace of Play Committee will be formed for the 2020 season.

The Committee will implement a new policy to improve the pace of play on sweeps days.  More details will be provided on the website and in the sign-in room when the policy is put into effect. 

Vice- President Crigler adjourned the Meeting at 12:55 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,  
Fran McClure
TPWGC Secretary

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